So lately I’ve definitely been taking inspiration from edgier vibes, and my recent interest in intense rings has definitely revealed this. Anything large and glaring in terms of rings is perfect for my taste right now, as shown above! I think the idea of pairing some really darkly themed jewelry with less showy outfits is a really interesting look to play with. For instance, I’d probably pair that large skull ring above with a simple, monochrome outfit. Now I’ve got the inspiration, I just need some new jewelry! xx

Floral Surprises






Skirt, Zara / Sweater, Halogen / Halter, Brandy Melville / Hat, LF / Boots, Topshop

This outfit was interesting to create in that I originally bought this amazing floral skirt with only light and bright pairings in mind. I never really thought it would work with sweaters and boots as well as it does! This skirt is one of my favorites in all its tropical print glory, and this definitely won’t be the last time I’ll be wearing it this summer. xx

Take it From the Guys



Many people like to take inspiration from menswear when they’re looking to wear something structured and minimalistic, but I find I look to menswear when I’m doing the opposite! When I feel like my style is becoming too forced, or too fussy, I turn to the guys to bring it back down to earth. As I look towards the fall and begin to think of all the glorious autumn outfits I’m planning on wearing, I find myself looking at men’s style more and more.



Matt Healy, the lead singer of the 1975, is a perfect example of that effortlessly cool factor that many style smart guys tend to have. A lot of my more edgy outfits root themselves in outfits that he’s worn!


My initial interest in men’s style came from my brother, who lives in the Pacific Northwest and is always finding new rustic and rugged brands that are justΒ so cool.Β Some of these include Wings + Horns, Broken Homme, and Herschel Supply Co. (before it became the new “it” backpack). The effortlessness of great mens style fascinates me, and it will always be the reason behind me wearing an oversized jacket, a pair of bulky boots, or some sort of loose beanie. This fall you will definitely find me shopping in the men’s section! xx



Summer Enthusiasm





Top, Topshop / Skirt, Brandy Melville / Converse

As Summer enthusiasm draws to a close and fall inspiration seems to pop up everywhere, it’s hard to stay excited about putting on sun dresses and denim shorts day in and day out. This is probably the reason I was drawn to a long sleeved shirt and a long skirt for this outfit!

But there’s still more than a month left of this weather, and we’ve got to stay enthused. Something I like to do when I’m feeling down about my summer style is to go back and look at the inspiration I followed at the beginning of the summer! Revisit your closet and see if there’s anything you haven’t completely over-used, or another trick is to take advantage of the amazing summer sales! Don’t let the heat wilt your summer style. xx